Madeira’s Modular Schedule

I’m going to a new school called Madeira in September, and it has a really weird academic schedule. It’s called the Modular Schedule. When I first read about it on the school’s website, I was so confused! I am going to try and explain what it is, because I have a feeling that I will be referring to this schedule a lot whenever I blog about school.

The Madeira year is divided into 7 modules. Every module is approximately 5 weeks long (25 days of classes). There are 4 unique blocks in a module, which are the 4 classes a given student will take in a module. Of those 4 blocks, 3 are academic blocks (blocks A, B, and C) and 1 is an activity block (D block). Academic blocks are 80 minutes long each, while the activity block is 2 hours long. There are 28 blocks a year, and 21 of them are academic blocks.

Basically, you take 3 classes and 1 activity every day for 5 weeks, and then switch for another 5 weeks of 3 different classes and 1 different activity, and then switch for another 5 weeks of 3 different classes and 1 different activity (again), and blah blah blah blah blah. You get the idea. Hopefully I’m making at least a modicum of sense right now.

So, more about these academic blocks! Most schools have half-year courses (courses that last 1 semester) and full-year courses (2 semesters). At Madeira, courses that take up 1 or 2 blocks of your schedule count as half-year courses. A 3-block or 4-block course counts as a full-year course.

For example, I’m taking Biology, a 3-block course. That means I’ll be taking 80 minutes of Biology for 75 days of the academic year. It counts as a full-year course. My first Biology block (Biochemistry, Cells, and Cellular Processes) is during Module 1 (first mod of the year) and it will be taught by Mrs. Freeman. My second Bio block (Genetics and Molecular Biology), also taught by Mrs. Freeman, is during Module 3. My third and last Bio block (Evolution and Diversity of Life) is in Module 7, and my teacher for that block is Dr. Wallace.

Moving on to the activity blocks (D blocks). There are lots of activities students can choose from. Athletic activities include team sports like volleyball and soccer, but then there are also fitness classes like dance and pilates. I’m not completely sure, but students are required to take at least 4 or 5 athletic activity blocks every year (2/3 of the school year). There are also a lot of non-athletic activities, though. Students can participate in the play, musical, or MUN. Students can also work on school publications (yearbook, literary magazine, etc.).

I haven’t planned out my D blocks yet, but I know I’ll be in Swimming for Conditioning in Module 1. Initially I was signed up for JV Volleyball, but my doctor said no to that. 😦

If you still don’t get Madeira’s modular schedule, perhaps the school’s website will do a better job describing it because there are diagrams and Q&A and things like that on there. The website also talks about open blocks and whatnot, which I was too lazy to mention. The link is here:

Have a nice day (night), people.

Madeira’s Modular Schedule

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