Co-Curriculum, Soirée, and NaNoWriMo

Sorry everyone, I have not updated in ages. I am not abandoning this blog because I love everything about it.

Life has been hectic but nice. This post will be very personal and all about me. I want to talk about 3 things that have been/will be going on in my life.

1. Co-Curriculum: This is my third week of co-curriculum. Co-curriculum is a program unique to my school, where sophomore, junior, and senior students go off campus and intern somewhere for 5 weeks. The sophomore internship theme is service, so I am doing a service internship at a Title I public elementary school called Garfield. I’m finishing my third week this week and now I have two weeks left. I have grown so attached to the students there. Many of Garfield’s students live in poverty, but they’re all so happy and eager to learn. Although technically I’m a teacher there, I’m learning much more than I’m teaching.

2. Tonight’s Soirée: I performed in a soirée at my school tonight, and it was great. I played Kuhlau’s Allegro Burlesco and I’m very happy about how it turned out. I practised for 8 hours last weekend, and more than 10 hours this week. Hard work pays off–I played the last song of the soirée and it went pretty smoothly. Before, I was very nervous. All I thought about this entire week before the soirée was me playing my song without making any mistakes. But once the soirée began, it wasn’t all about me anymore. It was just about enjoying the music–Monica’s music, Priya’s music, Fay’s music, Angela’s music, my music–everyone’s music. I never got to appreciate music like this before. Before, music was torture–it was a mechanical thing, where you had to get everything right, blah blah blah. It used to be so painful and boring. I don’t want to think about it. Learning music at Madeira is a transformative experience. My private music instructor here, Mrs. Morris, is amazing. She makes playing the piano joyful. I’ve really learnt to feel emotion in music, in each and every note, without the fear of failure or being worse in comparison to other people. My roomie took some really nice photos!

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 10.46.20 PM.jpg

3. NaNoWriMo: NaNoWriMo is the official abbreviation for National Novel Writing Month! I’ve done it off and on since six years ago and last year I also did Camp NaNoWriMo (I was so happy that I was finally 13 years old). So basically, you create a word count goal for yourself every day (ex. 1500 words) and you stick to it for a month and by the end of that month, you have a novel! Probably a crappy novel, but still! A novel! It’s really cool. November is the the national novel writing month so a lot of novelists all over the world participate in this program. I’m going to write a personal novel titled Distractions this year and I’m very hyped up about it. I’m also helping my sixth grade class at Garfield Elementary (my co-curriculum internship) participate in it and Ms. Higgison is very excited about it. You guys should try it too!


I’d love to write more but I really have to go take a shower before lights out. Good night everyone, and thank you for reading and following my blog. I promise I’ll update more often in the future! 🙂 Oh, and sorry if there are any typos or weird sentences. I wrote this in a hurry. :/

Co-Curriculum, Soirée, and NaNoWriMo

A Day In the Life

Note: I wrote and published this on the 24th of September but I might have deleted it by mistake. Here it is again, and I do intend to insert some photos sometime in the future.

Update (1/16/17): I probably won’t insert any photos.

Hello everyone! Life has been hectic as usual but I’m doing alright and I hope you guys are too. Today I was at the National Book Festival at the Library of Congress and that was absolutely amazing. I listened to speeches by Stephen King, Kwame Alexander, Meg Medina, and Lois Lowry. I loved meeting Kwame Alexander for the second time–I learned about him and his books when he visited my old school (Shanghai American School) last year, and to see him again today, halfway around the globe, was crazy cool. It was a very fun and inspirational experience for me.

In this blog post I will outline a typical Thursday in my life. I will tell you everything I did on Thursday the 22nd of September. I hope this will help you get a better understanding of my life, and also about life at boarding school. The Madeira School is an amazing school to be at, and it’s awesome how in just a month I’m thinking about my school as my second home.

Thursday the 22nd of September

5:00am I wake up. I eat an apple and study for a biology exam later in the day.

7:30am My roommate and I walk to the Student Centre and eat breakfast.

8:30am My first class of the day is AP World History with Ms. Barnett. We work on our short answer questions and finish up the Chapter 5 Lecture. AP World History is not as bad as I thought it would be–it’s my favourite class this module.

10:20am My second class of the day is Bridge to Algebra II with Ms. Roshan. We go over homework and learn about piecewise functions. Math can be confusing at times but for the most part it’s appropriately challenging.

11:45am I meet with my advisor and advisory group at the Skills Centre. We eat snacks and talk about things.

12:15pm I go back to my dorm to drop off and get stuff. And then I eat lunch with friends at the Dining Hall.

12:50pm I go to Biology class and take the exam I studied for in the morning. We do a field sit afterwards, which is basically observing the nature for 10 minutes or so. I enjoy field sits because I didn’t get to see a whole lot of nature back in Shanghai.

2:10pm My academic classes of the day are over. I go back to my dorm to change for my D Block.

2:45pm My D Block is Pilates. It’s very relaxing and my teacher is simply the best. My D Block used to be Swimming with Coach Montrie, and that was really nice too, but then my eardrum burst because of the pressure underwater and it’s still healing.

3:45pm The Pilates studio is at the Chapel/Auditorium and that’s nice because the piano studios are right next door. I practise the piano until it’s time for dinner. I take piano lessons on Wednesdays and I play in the Orchestra on Tuesdays.

6:00pm I have to eat dinner at the speed of lightning (figuratively speaking, of course) because of my…

6:30pm Guitar lesson. Mr. Foxley teaches me and three other students the guitar every Thursday. I like playing the guitar because it sounds very different from the piano. It’s a good kind of different.

7:30pm I check in at my dorm and it’s time for Study Hall. I go to the library to get my AP World History reading done.

9:30pm Study Hall is over and I go take a shower.

11:00pm It’s time for lights-out. At first I hated lights-out but now I’m used to it. Having some structure in life is good for me.

I am very tired from walking around so much today and I’m going to go to sleep now. Adios!

A Day In the Life