Module 7 Update :)

Hello! I’m back. And in this post I’ll be talking about Module 7 and my life at the moment.

I’m done with my AP World History exam! I’m not sure if I’m allowed to talk about it yet, so I’ll be safe and not talk about it. All I’ll say is that I really didn’t have to worry about it. I have to stop worrying about things. Worrying is honestly just suffering twice. Worrying doesn’t do anything.

Now that my only AP exam of the year is out of the way, life feels a lot less… packed. Like, packed with stuff to do. Chamber Orchestra and Madeira Glee is also done for the year. For school, I only have to care about my three classes and Yoga, which is so nice.
My three classes are Biology, Algebra, and Latin. Biology is an easy course that I don’t have to pay much attention to. We spent almost half of Friday’s class just watching videos of animals because Dr. Wallace loves animals. Something I really like about Biology class is the textbook. We’re only covering a few sections of it in class, but everything in there is so interesting. I usually don’t turn to textbooks for pleasure reading, but reading my biology textbook has sort of become a favourite pastime.
Algebra, however, is not as relaxing as Biology. I understand logarithms but once I’m asked to do stuff with them, I get so confused. But then I’m also learning how to use my graphing calculator to its full extent, which is cool. I have a love-hate relationship with math. Math is such a fascinating discipline and I love how mathematicians explain the world. I’ve been watching Vi Hart’s videos on Youtube—she’s amazing. But then math class is a whole another thing, you know? Agh.
And, Latin is another relaxing subject like Biology. I love the people in my class and it’s a lot of fun. It’s a great way to end my day.

Since I have more free time than I did any other module this year, I’ve been doing things that make me happy. Doing things that make me happy lets me realise just how many things there are in the world that make me happy. Below are just three examples.

Spending time with friends makes me happy. Yesterday I went to the mall with my friend Casey and we read books together at Barnes and Noble. Today I went to Georgetown with my roommate Alexandra and had a really nice dinner. And not just these formal outings—I feel like my connections and conversations with my friends every day have become more cheerful and meaningful because I’m not constantly stressed.

Being in the Huffington Library makes me happy. There are so many interesting books in my school’s library. These days I’m doing research on the pursuit of pleasure. We seek pleasure, but pleasure is only respectable in moderation. And only certain types of pleasure are respected in our society. I’m reading some books about mind-altering substances, and they’re fascinating. So much learning happens outside of school.

Learning Danish makes me happy. Duolingo is such a didactic and addictive tool for learning languages. I am also speaking to a Danish friend of mine who lives in Nyborg. Another hobby that I adopted recently is writing poems in Danish. Oh! And also, I am reading this amazing article on eksistentialisme (you can probably guess what that means) and enjoying it a lot. It’s an informative article, but it’s so poetic and beautifully phrased at the same time.

So, yeah. Life’s good. For now. Like I’ve said, my life is roller coaster full of ups and downs. I’m pretty high up in the air right now, and I hope I stay there for a long time. Thank you for reading, and have a good night.

Module 7 Update :)

4 thoughts on “Module 7 Update :)

  1. Madeline says:

    This is kind of random and not super related to this post, but I would LOVE to hear more about what it’s like having a roommate and living at school. I’ve gone to the same co-ed K-12 school since the beginning of time, and the concept of not only living at school but sharing a room with someone seems crazy!! So any good roommate stories or just stuff about boarding school life??

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    1. Hi Madeline. Thank you for the comment! Going to the same K-12 school for your entire life sounds cool–you get to see your classmates grow up, change, and become amazing people over the years. I’ve been to three different K-12 schools before I came to Madeira.
      I’ll try my best to describe what boarding school and living with other people is like. I like living at school and being able to see my friends (plus some teachers) 24/7. I like staying at the library till late. I like exploring the grounds (because our school is like 80% forest and there are so many secret trails!). But then there are also downsides. My life is very structured here, with check-ins and lights-out and whatnot. And living with other people can be difficult sometimes. I got placed in a triple this year (three people in one room), and that has been an interesting experience. I have become very good friends with one of my roommates–we talk about all sorts of things, we go on weekend runs, and we work out every evening after Study Hall. While the other roommate… let’s not talk about her, haha. So yeah, there are pros and cons, but all in all I really like my boarding school. Feel free to ask me more questions!

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      1. Madeline says:

        Wow, sounds so interesting. It must be weird and nice being at school all the time. Do many people get put in triples? What is the worst and best part about living in a triple? I’m glad you’ve gotten close with one of your roommates. That’s nice. Why shouldn’t we talk about the other one? (lol)


    2. There are only two triple rooms on campus (there are around 150 boarders). I can’t speak for other schools, though.
      The best part about living in a triple is probably having a large room. The worst part is the lack of time to yourself because you’re almost never alone in the room.


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