Courses I’m Looking Forward To (11th Grade)

I started this “Courses I’m Looking Forward To” thing last year. Just like last year, I will list one thing I am looking forward to in all my academic courses next year (11th grade). If you haven’t read the 10th grade version of this, the title of the blog post may be a little misleading. “Courses I’m Looking Forward To” is supposed to be about the two or three courses I am looking forward to the most. Instead, I will be writing excitedly about all my courses, because… long story short, I want to be that student who finds something interesting in everything. Imagine how awesome my school year would be if everything is interesting! Okay, this is too cheesy. Maybe the long story, back in my blog post last year, might actually be better. Please check that out, thanks! 🙂

Without further ado…

Co-Curriculum Internship (Citizenship): I’ll be working for a Senator on Capitol Hill for 5 weeks in Module 4! Getting exposure to American politics like that will be a unique opportunity, especially as an international student! I can’t wait to take notes in hearings, answer phone calls, and all that. I’ll blog all about it! I’m also excited about wearing some super formal attire, because I normally dress very casually. 🙂

AP US History: I’ve heard a lot of complaints about this course last year, mostly due to the heavy workload. But at the end of the year, most students agreed that they grew a lot as a reader and writer. I hope I do, too. Plus, I think I’ll enjoy studying all the court cases, because I find law fascinating.

English III (American Literature): I’ll be taking 3 blocks of American Lit—From Slavery to Civil Rights, American Gothic, and Native and Asian American Voices. I’m especially enthusiastic for American Gothic, because a student taking it last year had extremely positive things to say about it! Reading Edgar Allan Poe in class will be very cool.

Chemistry: I took Chemistry for a semester during freshman year, and I remember enjoying that a lot. Well, at least compared to Physics, which I took for the other semester. :p The course description says that the class “includes chemical investigation through experimentation,” and I love experiments. I get to pretend to be like Sherlock again! Sherlock is love, Sherlock is life.
(from Bing Images)
The fangirl in me goes like: Just look at how CUTE he is! AAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaa

Environmental Science: Environmental Science is a field that combines all sorts of knowledge together, which makes it interesting and important. Soon, I will learn all about ecology, climate change, alternative energy sources, and more! This course includes a lot of field studies, which is great, because I like having class outside.

Trigonometry: Yay! Triangles! I enjoyed Geometry freshman year, and learning about the Unit Circle at the end of Algebra II was pretty neat too. Through learning trigonometry, I hope I’ll get to think about and understand the world in different ways.

Precalculus: “Conic Functions” and “Definition of the Derivative” and other terms from the course description are totally new to me and I want to find out what they mean. Plus, I hope this course helps me achieve a not too terrible score on the math section of the SAT/ACT next year. :/

Latin II: Latin I was a good class last year, and I learned a lot. I hope Latin II is like that too. I’m eager to learn more Latin in general because there are so many original texts I’d like to read in Latin. Descartes’ Meditations on First Philosophy is on my to-read list this year (in English, of course)—imagine how cool it’d be to read it in Latin. Meditationes de Prima philosophia sounds fancy af.

And those are all my courses for junior year!

Two other things that I am looking forward to junior year are Cross Country and dorm life. Cross country, to quote my friend who did it last year, is “the best version of hell.” Sounds great, right? Dorm life—I’ll be living in West Dorm, which is a renovated dorm. I am very thankful for that. Plus, I am really happy about sharing a room with Amy! Amy was my neighbour in Main Dorm last year and we are good friends. 🙂 People usually say that junior year is the worst year in high school, but things aren’t looking bad at all.

Thank you for reading! I challenge you to make a list like this one, of anything and everything you’re looking forward to in all your courses, and share it with your friends!

Courses I’m Looking Forward To (11th Grade)

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